Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Reveiwing Web Server Package

Before starting to learn PHP, first we must have installed a Web Server on our PC. There are a lot of software that can be used in making the web with PHP. But on this occasion, I will discuss two of the most common software used to make the web with PHP. And the happy news is, this software is free. :) The software to be discussed is XAMPP and AppServ. Both this software, has provided applications for building standard web with PHP. The application is "PHP, Apache, MySQL, and FTP". Here is a glimpse of its software.


XAMPP is a tool that provides some software packages into one package. By installing XAMPP then no longer need to perform the installation and configuration of Apache web server, PHP and MySQL manually. XAMPP will install and configure it automatically for you or auto configuration.

Download Link :

Download XAMPP

2. AppServ

AppServ is a full-featured of Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, which only takes a minute to install. AppServ is a All-in-one free database that contains all the packages on:

- Apache



- PhpMyAdmin

All packages download from Official Binary AppServ Release. AppServ aims to make installation easier. AppServ not provide an installer other than Official Binary Release package. Because the Official Binary Release work better than compile by individual or other third-party binary.

AppServ only have special configuration when install, Apache configure httpd.conf, MySQL configure my.ini, PHP configure php.ini. AppServ can guarantee each packet of AppServ can work stable like Official of Apache, PHP, MySQL Release.

Download Link :

Download appserv-win32-2.5.10

Download appserv-win32-2.5.10 from Mediafire.com



Okay, for how to install it, I'll try to explain in my next posting in detail. So keep follow me :)

At last, Happy Codding All :)

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