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The Basic of HTML

What is that HTML ? Maybe for the master designer or web programmers and networks administration, the word is already very familiar. But how for newbie like us ?

Allright, for more details, a brief understanding of HTML will be described below. Come on, check this out :)

HTML Definition

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML was first invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, which is the basic framework internet. Although now there are so many language used to create a website, but i'm sure every site using the HTML language to display text, graphics, sound, and animation. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) adalah pihak yang menjadi pemegang resmi dari bahasa ini. (http://www.w3.org)

The History of HTML

HTML language comes from the old language called Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). At least that's what Google said. :) he development of HTML already started approximately ten years before the language was introduced as Bill Atkinson's find HyperCard for a Macintosh computer and MacOS operating systems. Well, the idea behind HyperCard was the one that supports HTML language, which is hyperlinking, which means the ability to connect from one area in a single word or a Web page to the other pages or area. The concept is very simple, but before the presence of HyperCard never would have thought to apply.

Use of HTML

Okay, enough small talk and a history lesson about HTML. Then, how HTML works? Maybe that's the question for us that will begin to learn to create a website.

Simply, HTML is composed from a series of "elements". The elements that worked as a language that tells the browser to display the recipient of certain elements on the screen. Element in HTML is known as "tags". Well, this tag is what will define what should be displayed by the browser, the recipient will be. That Elements work as a language that tells the recepient browser to display certain elements on the screen. Element in HTML is known as "tags". Well, this tag is what will define what should be displayed by the recepient browser than.

HTML Structure

You can say, the HTML document is a web page. Simply put, an HTML document is composed of tags,,. Here is an example HTML page that is very, very, very simple.


Any elements or tags in an HTML must have an opening tags and closing tags. For example, the<html> tag is the beginning of an HTML document, and when the </html> tag is written, then the browser will assume there is the end of an HTML document.

Tag is used to tell the browser about everything about the HTML document that is in though. Whether it's title, author, or other script languages ​​are in use. So, when the </html> tag read by the browser, then that's where the end of the description of the HTML document.

Tag <body> is the whole content can be displayed and can be viewed directly by the user. As above, this tag is also in the end by </body> tag. So, we can say, each element should be is in the open and closed. To close an element, most use a slash mark before the name of the element. for example:

Opening tag <html> -> closing tag </html>
Opening tag <head> -> closing tag </head>
Opening tag <title> -> closing tag </title>
Opening tag <body> -> closing tag </body>
But sometimes, there are some tags that do not have a closing tag, or can not add the closing tag. For example, to add a new row is in use the tag <br>. Because these tags do not have a closing tag, it is the recommended giving a slash after the name tag, the example is <br />. Although if you do not add a slash, the browser will still be able to define the tag. But it is not recommended.

Okay, for a basic explanation of HTML i think it is quite up here. For an explanation of the tags in HTML, i will try to explain in my next post. Okay, keep your spirit to learning. I'm just a nubie, so i hope we can learn together.

At last, Happy Coding All. :)

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